Friday evening planning

For the past month or so, Thing 2 has had baseball practice on Friday evenings.  Practice is two hours long, about 15 minutes from home.  I could definitely go home in the gap.  Lately, though, I’ve been taking my laptop and going to sit at a Starbucks near the field.  I get a drink, use their wi-fi and do some lesson planning for the next week.  If nothing else, it’s data entry into the Homeschool Skedtrack site that I use.  This saves me some time when I’m making new work lists for the boys (which I try to do in the evenings, but sometimes life happens and I do them in the morning).  Lately, I’ve been using it mostly for our history and science assignments.

Friday night planningThis picture won’t be winning awards, that’s for sure.  I took it with my cell phone as the place started filling up.  I had finished with the science and history entries I could do and got out my knitting.  I’m starting a pair of wooly pants for a friend who just had a baby.  While they’re using paper diapers, they’ll still be cozy, especially for a baby in New England.  You can see my cuppow mug and the evidence that I chose gelato over tea tonight.

DH is home with Thing 1.  He’s (DH) changing the oil in his motorcycle and doing other small repairs so that he’s ready for another early morning ride this weekend (while the temperature is still tolerable).  I have no idea what Thing 1 is doing – possibly tricks on his scooter, maybe whining that he’s bored because he’s used up his screen time for the day, who knows.

Next week is going to be a busy one, so I’ve started making the to-do lists on the backs of old documents (the orange notebook wasn’t going to work – my lists are bigger than that).  I need different sheets for each list (general to-do, packing, grocery, etc).  Thing 2 and I will be out of the house for large chunks of Thursday and Friday, so I’ll need to be really organized at the beginning of the week.  If not I’ll be like a manic squirrel doing things on Friday (before leaving on Saturday).   Thing 2 has baseball again on Friday, so hopefully I’ll have everything else under control by then and can still enjoy my block of quiet organization while he’s at practice.

When do you plan out your week?

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