Yarn Along 2013: Week 20

Twenty weeks into the new year?  Holy crow.  Twenty weeks of yarning along with Ginny.

We are currently on a quasi-vacation on the east coast.  We’ve been house hunting some and trying to decide if a relocation is a good choice for us.  For the first three days we were here, MIL came and took the kids away to her house in the mountains. While there, the kids went paddling in a pond, riding in a go-kart, soaking in a hot tub, helped with landscaping and were generally helpful.  Thing 1 really benefits from “heavy work” and I’m sure he was a big help.

DH and I powered thru many house tours until my eyes crossed and I could no longer keep the different things straight.  I also  got mildly carsick from riding in the back of a car on countryish rows.  We learned a little about options and talked about what things were important to each of us (a mud room off the garage being high on my list, a 3 car garage or nearly equivalent space being high on DH’s).   It was good to have this time without the kids underfoot (not that they’re toddlers, but they wouldn’t have been fans of spending two days getting in and out of the car).

Today, I drove up to the mountains to collect the children after dropping DH off at work.  There was a yarn store right on the way, and I timed things so I could stop in.    The staff there were very friendly and I picked up a skein of sock yarn that seemed to capture the theme of my visit.

Yarn bombed yarn shopThey yarn bombed their sign 🙂

While still in that lovely little town, I walked past this piece of public art and had to take its picture.

DSC00100 Public art in DavidsonDappled sunlight, green trees… as much as this potential move is giving me figurative headaches and a general feeling of overwhelmingness, it has been nice being in the green for a change.

On the flight out I finished reading The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes.  I really, really enjoy her books.  While they’re branded “chick lit,” they generally have heavier themes than say, Sophie Kinsella.   This is the fifth book in a sort of series (there are 5 daughters in the family, and each book is written in the first person narrative of a different daughter).  I don’t know that it’s important to read them in order, but some people are obsessive like me about reading things chronologically.    I’m still working thru It (I had 2+ hours in the car alone today, so I listened to that then), and my turn for A Feast For Crows came up again, so I’m reading that.  I need to keep track of what page I’m on since goodness knows I won’t finish it before the library cuts me off from the ebook again.

DSC00103I’m working on a cabled tea cozy.    Here it is with my Nook, my phone (the current audioplayer) and the pond where the kids went paddling in a raft.  I’ve ripped back the cables a couple of times now because I keep trying to work on this in the back seat of the car.  Reading the pattern instructions with mild carsickness is just bad news.

I’m debating making a tab with all the books I read this year.  Thoughts?

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3 Responses to Yarn Along 2013: Week 20

  1. karen says:

    Sorry about the car sickness! that is not fun. I am lucky that I get the front seat and no carsickness. Love the photo with the pond it’s beautiful!! I keep track of the books I read year to year on my goodreads account. They have a widget that would display that kind of info.

  2. kathy says:

    Oh yes, do keep track of your books somehow! I write mine down on my calendar/datebookthingie the day I finish them. (so non tech, I know!) Then at the end of the year I compile that list on one page. I sometimes put on my nearly nonexistent blog but really I do it for myself. It’s fun to see how many I read, the breakdown between fiction and nonfiction, and any themes I have followed. Since reading is a pleasurable, non pressure activity, I love to look back and see what transpired.

    I see some of your books are audiobooks. I was a completely traditional paper book reader until a couple of Christmases ago. So in my year-end compilation, I note whether I read the Kindle edition or the hardcopy. As time goes by, the ratio had definitely tilted towards the Kindle editions. This is a cool stat to track also, I think.

    • ameyknits says:

      Some of them are audio, and I should track that. I don’t know if I’ll distinguish between Nook and paper if I can’t remember. I just went and put “It” and “Crows” on hold on one of the kids’ library cards since I doubt I’ll finish them before they expire AGAIN.

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