Knitting with the fog and frogs

This was my view earlier this afternoon.

relaxing on the porchThat’s the same pond from Wednesday’s post.  We’re all back up in the mountains for a week now that we’re done with the “business” part of our trip.   It’s been raining most of today and there’s been a healthy dose of “I’m bored” around here.  There are board and card games to play, books to read, scooters to ride in a shed.  The children have resorted to screens and there are only so many battles I want to wage right now and still have this feel like a vacation to me, too.

It’s hard to try to plan for all the possible things we might need or want to dress for and still pack in a reasonable amount of space.  Right about now I wish we had packed “shoes that can safely get muddy” for the boys.  They each have two pairs of shoes, but they’re both relatively new and I don’t want them covered in mud.  Since it has rained here all day, the grass is wet, the ground is muddy, and after the two+ hours in the car, the boys have had enough of each other.  Thing 1 did go grocery shopping with his grandmother and great-aunt and was very helpful.  I’m sure he was using it as a way to get some space from the family, but that’s fine with me.

I sat on the porch, reading A Feast For Crows, knitting and drinking tea until it got too cold for me in the t-shirt and light button-down shirt I was wearing.  I need to mooch a sweatshirt from MIL (yet another thing that didn’t make it into the suitcase).  While I was out there, fog (clouds?  what’s the difference?) rolled slowly past periodically and the frogs down in the pond would croak.  I’ve seen a bunch of birds (Eastern Towhee, American Robin, Red Winged Blackbird), including some small birds flying low over the pond.  I’m guessing they’re eating bugs near the surface.

Oh!  The rain just picked up.  We have doors open and some windows open and the house is just… well, cool, and feeling like spring.   I’ve moved inside and am sitting with a blanket on my lap to stay cozy.   I wonder if we’ll light a fire tonight.


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