Yarn Along 2013: Week 21

I thought about posing my knitting with the pond again this week, but then decided that maybe you’ve seen it enough for a while.

Tea pot cozy and the hot tub

I should’ve snapped the picture before the kids closed up the hot tub there in the background.  For once they actually cleaned up after themselves without being asked.  It’s been relatively cool, still, and while the kids are allowed to swim in the pond, they don’t really want to and the water is quite cold.  The hot tub, though, is warm and the kids can play in it at least a little bit.

I’m still (STILL) reading A Feast for Crows.  I’m listening to Bite Me Christopher Moore.  The print reading is going faster right now (than listening) because I can sit and read while I also watch the kids do stuff, and it’s easier to put down and pick back up.

This afternoon when DH was done working, we loaded up the kids and went to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  MIL had mentioned a spot close by that had a good trail to explore.   That trail was closed, so we checked out a couple of overlooks and took a drive down the Parkway for a while.

birds and the blue ridge

Well, I keep trying to upload a picture and this doesn’t seem to be the right one.  This is a shot from the Blue Ridge Parkway and on my computer, you can see birds in flight (falcons? hawks?  vultures?).  In the blog post, though, I can’t see the birds.  Maybe that’s a caching issue or something.

Anyway (or “Kayso” as one of the characters in Bite Me says 🙂 ), you can see the fog that has been a near permanent visitor over the week we’ve been up here.  Shortly after we reached the last outlook of our drive, we noticed some VERY dark clouds rolling in.  We had been talking to a group of motorcyclists who were on their way home to New Hampshire when we all noticed the sky.  They loaded back up quickly (in full raingear), and the menfolk piled back into the car.  I wanted one quick picture for the blog, though, and so I snapped this before the rain started pouring down (with hail!).

Wooly pants and the mountains

Those are the Wonderpants I was working on the other day.  I’ve just started the legs.  The blue thing from the first picture is my nearly finished Aran Sweater Tea Cozy.  I think the cables aren’t completely correct, and I might knit it differently if I do it again, which i’d really only do as a gift.  I’m not sure I’m going to do the “sleeves,”  mostly because it’ll be more ends to weave in.

With regard to the disaster in Oklahoma, I’m going to restate what I said about the explosion in Boston: use it as the motivation to do good.  Donate blood, take those clothes you have bagged up to the Goodwill already, drop off food to your local food pantry, learn First Aid and CPR, take a disaster preparedness class, donate money to one of the many organizations helping the Moore area, wherever your interests lie.  Knit hats or blanket squares.  I know that hearing about these things (and 24 hour news cycles certainly don’t help) can make people feel powerless or that they must do SOMETHING.  That’s fine, do something.  Also keep in mind that many times the help that some people need burns out after the first fortnight or month.  Likewise, there will ALWAYS be someone local who needs your help.

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One Response to Yarn Along 2013: Week 21

  1. Taryn Oakley says:

    That last photo is gorgeous! And I wish that I had a hot tub to jump into right now!!

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