The extra day off

When we were picking dates for this last trip, knowing it would include the weekend of Memorial Day, DH asked if I thought we should fly back on the Sunday or the Monday.  I’m SO glad I picked Sunday.  This extra day “off” has been helpful.

We got back into town early in the afternoon on Sunday and I was able to run an errand to find dinner and lay in some supplies (Costco).  After dinner I did the rest of the grocery shopping with a plan to not leave home at all on Monday and just get things done.  I ended up needing to go back out today, but it was a quick trip.

I spent today starting the list making (and the list completing).  I got unpacked (note: coming home with nearly everything clean thanks to doing laundry at MIL’s house made unpacking so much simpler and didn’t leave me with mountains of laundry to tackle today), did some kitchen work, and tried to stay calm.  The boys seemed more adrift because none of their neighborhood friends were around to play.  Heaven forbid they play together pleasantly for longer than 10 minutes.

This move is causing each of us stress which we’re showing in different ways.  Adding to that is the fact that we each manage it in different ways (or don’t manage it at all).  I spent our “vacation” reminding the kids that the more they talk to us or ask questions the easier it will be for us to help them.    I know I’ll need to do even more prompting, but mostly I just wish I had some kind of telepathy.  I don’t want to have to hear everyone’s thoughts all the time, but just being able to have a periodic peek into their thoughts would be incredibly useful.  Lists are helping me.  I also need to devise a plan for the clutter in the house because I’m sure banishing that will give me some visual breathing room.

Tomorrow is back to the regular schedule for us.  We still have homeschooling things to do, DH is back to work, and I’ll have my lists to manage.   What I shouldn’t do is make some of the reversible project bags someone linked to on the Yarn Along.  But maybe it would be better to sew up that fabric rather than having to pack it at some point….

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