Feeding the family

When DH and I were first married, he did a large amount of the cooking.  I don’t have any real love for it, but I know how to make a reasonable number of things and can generally read and execute a recipe competently.   If I have to spend time in the kitchen, I’d much rather bake.

blueberry muffinI know I’ve mentioned that I often bake muffins for Park Days and while those have ended because of the weather, I decided to bake this weekend so that we had some easy snacks.  I made a quadruple batch (4 dozen) and put 18 in the freezer.  The rest have been eaten steadily.

Today we spent the morning at the movies (yay cheap summer movie programs!) seeing the Lorax.  Well, the kids saw the movie.  I ate some popcorn and then fell asleep about halfway thru.  Clearly I need more rest.  Anyway.  Thing 2 was taking a fused glass in the afternoon, so I took the kids to lunch at a local soda fountain.  That was at noon.  It’s 7pm and I’m still basically full from that and all the water I’ve been drinking today.  The menfolk, though, want to be fed. So, I got my act together and started dealing with the ribs I’d put in the crockpot earlier.  Because DH generally eats low-carb, we don’t do BBQ ribs.  Instead, I slow cook them for several hours, then put them on cookie sheets with olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary and garlic.  They bake for about 30-45 minutes (depending on how long they were in the crock-pot).  They’re more savory than sweet, and they’re one of the family’s favorite things for me to make.

Today, while I was in the front yard picking rosemary (it thrives under my benign neglect here in the desert), I noticed someone else was using the rosemary for dinner (you might need to click on the pictures to see them better – it’s hard to photograph a web).

Spider web Spidey snacksIn the bottom picture, you can see the little wrapped snacks the spider has saved for later.  Not frozen blueberry muffins, but tasty for arachnids, I’m sure.    I was glad to see that this was an “orderly” web, because it means it’s probably not a black widow.  They’re supposed to create “messy” webs – they’re just a mess of spider silk (we’ve seen them in the garage), or like a spider decided to get drunk and make a web.

I will say that, despite my general disinterest with the kitchen, the menfolk are always thankful for what I make.  The kids talk about their favorite meals, and Thing 2 has especially bragged about my skills in the kitchen.  I really wanted to be that mother/wife who loved being in the kitchen, lovingly preparing meals from scratch for my family.  Instead, I’m glad that they can manage breakfast and lunch on their own, and that the boys are starting to be interested in learning how to cook things that are more complicated.  I wish I could muster up enthusiasm for cooking because they might be even more motivated if I loved it.

And now, I think I’m going to go scramble an egg for myself.

Do you like working in the kitchen?

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