Busy and blue

For many families, the weekends are for relaxing and a break from the busy work week. For others, the weekend is a continuation of the busy week with a flurry of activities.  As a homeschooling family, I often find that our weekends are similar to the week days – just 2 more days of the 4 of us at home.

What ends up happening in our family is that it can be a time for each adult to get some time alone (or just away) somehow.  DH frequently plays ice hockey, and occasionally goes for motorcycle rides or just runs random errands.  I try to get the grocery shopping done and do some lesson planning for the coming week (I have done that while one of the boys was at some kind of sports thing).

This weekend, DH got to play hockey, ride his motorcycle, and do general maintenance.  I got to watch kids swim, take them grocery shopping, and not make dinner.  Oh, and I squeezed in a little time to do this:

blue swimsuitI’m sorry for the crazy close up, but I took two pictures earlier and this was the best one.  There’s a great nail place close by, and I’ve grown to really like getting a pedicure there.  I get an amazing foot and leg massage and cute toes.  I don’t like polish on my finger nails, but I like fancy toes.  The color is “Swimsuit – Nailed It!”  Apparently I’m a bit out of date (it’s from 2011), but I really like blues.  Fashion-wise I’m pretty boring, and one of the first times I got a pedicure I wanted to try something other than pale pink, and let one of the kids pick for me.  They picked blue and I liked it better than I thought I would.

I’m going to plan to get another one before I head back east for a wedding and need to decide if I’ll get something to match my dress (I’m not in the bridal party), or go wild again.  Maybe it’ll depend on the shoes.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?



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