Welcome to July

Holy crow it’s July.  I’m feeling a bit more “we’re moving” pressure, however it’s tempered by the fact that we’re still finishing our school year.  My focus is still more on daily life rather than long term planning.

We finished June on a semi-low note.  Thing 2 was supposed to have his birthday party on Saturday, but started vomiting in the middle of the night.  Saturday morning saw me sending frantic messages to people telling them not to drive over.  He was done being sick by late morning, thankfully, and we had a day with no commitments suddenly.  I did some list making, cleaned some things, and did some recycling (old homeschooling workbooks).  DH did some general home repairs that are needed to get the house in better condition for sale.  Thing 2 rested and Thing 1 worked on a remote control car that needed repairs.

Sunday was a better day, thankfully.  DH was meeting a friend for lunch and to finish planning a major motorcycle trip for later this month.  In a moment of benevolence, I took the kids to the local soda fountain for lunch and ice cream treats.  We stopped to visit with a friend afterward and she gave us a bunch of small boxes for packing (we have massive things like wardrobe boxes).  These are excellent because it allows me to pack books and other dense things.

Today welcomes July.  I went through several boxes of photographs that have been living in Thing 2’s closet on a high shelf.  I aggressively threw out anything that was dark or blurry.  Our coffee table was also full of pictures but I dealt with those 2 weeks ago (and didn’t sort them – just put them in a much more condensed photo storage box).  DH will scan the pictures worth saving and then we can get rid of the prints.

Oh happy day.  Thing 1 has just vomited.

On topic:

empty bookcaseI took this picture earlier this evening and was writing the post in my head.  I got some of it down adn then I spent 45 minutes dealing with general chaos.  Now I’m going to bed.

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One Response to Welcome to July

  1. Heather says:

    Woo hoo on the empty bookshelf. I am glad the boxes helped. Sorry about the Ickes!

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