Let them eat soup

Hey guess what?  I did manage to make soup this morning!  I took some liberties with the recipe I posted yesterday (namely, I omitted the cheese and sour cream in the soup because I don’t like cheese generally, and sour cream is iffy).  I did make the crispy potato skins to go with the soup and I had remembered to buy some green onions at the store when I got the potatoes.

potato soup

The picture isn’t fantastic because it’s from my phone, but whatever.  That’s just the scallions and the chopped up potato skins on the top.  The boys added bacon bits and shredded cheddar cheese.  The consensus was that it was “okay” but I’ve made better.  I think it needed more seasoning, honestly.  Maybe thyme, perhaps a little rosemary (or at least a rosemary piece thrown in while the milk was warming up and then fished out).  I also added diced onion to the soup itself.  Vegetable or chicken stock might also improve the flavor in place of some of the milk.

The muffins from yesterday have a strong flavor, so they’re being eaten more slowly than my blueberry muffins are, which is probably a good thing.  Thing 2 picks out the ginger pieces; he would rather I used cranberries or chocolate chips 🙂

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