…and a good time was had by all

When I was little, the newspaper for my tiny hometown would publish almost anything submitted to it.  My 5th birthday was written up, as were the birthdays of other people.  The closing line was almost always “and a good time was had by all.”

On Saturday we had a pot-luck open house kind of thing here at the house to start saying goodbye to friends here.  The kids spent the bulk of the day in the pool, the adults sat and talked, there was good food, good fun.  It didn’t feel like a “goodbye” but rather like a celebration of all our time here.  We had old friends and new friends.  There was hockey, Minecraft, homebrew, and tangerine-ade (this is what happens when you think you have more lemon juice in the freezer than you do, but instead find a large stash of tangerine/clementine juice).  The day was reasonably tolerable for a July day in Phoenix, so that sitting outside in the shade watching kids swim wasn’t horrible for the adults.

As the evening was wrapping up, friends helped clean up and put away what few things were staying here.  There were many offers to help with packing.  DH did the dishes and I packed the children off to bed.  I started the first load of heavy pool towels.

Today, the towels are done, and I had another productive Sunday despite having a lovely lie-in (necessary after Saturday’s full day).  More boxes were packed, laundry was done (I feel caught up for the moment!).  This week is our last homeschooling week for the academic year (hopefully).  The following week is our time for a big hurrah around town.  Here is hoping another good time will be had.

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