Days like this

Remember how productive I felt yesterday?  What a satisfying weekend I had?  Yeah.  Pride goest before a fall or something.

Today started out well.   Then there was a small bit of misunderstanding of directions which escalated into an explosion.  It went pretty downhill from there.

Later in the evening I was feeling more regrouped thanks to DH running the show for a while.  I ran out to get dinner and came home to this:

Monday sunsetYou know, I’m not a huge fan of desert living, and our air quality has been less than stellar lately, but all that particulate in the air does make for some beautiful sunsets.  The sky made me feel content; that a crappy day could be redeemed.    I started mentally writing this post.

I got the kids into bed to give DH a little time alone.    I had jammies on, settled in on the couch, and then I heard…

“Mommy, there’s a crack in the toilet.”

late night leaksI really didn’t expect it to be an actual crack.   I’ve just finished washing ANOTHER load of soaking wet towels.

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One Response to Days like this

  1. Heather says:

    Oh no! Let me know if you need a reprieve.

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