Yarn Along 2013: Week 29

You know how you get those emails from people claiming to be in Nigeria with loads of money to sneak out of the country and how they just need your help (and all of your banking information) in order to get it out?  Of course they’ll pay you a delightfully high finder’s fee.  I’ve gotten them, and I’m sure you have too.

With the blog, I get spam comments.  WordPress filters them out into a special folder, but doesn’t automatically delete them just in case I did want to hear about SEO optimization or whatever.  I do read them, sometimes, for comedic effect.  Today I found this:

 Clients lean your brain sideways and find if the window treatments is going to flow java work suddenly. With all the shopkeepers concur add the glasses outside the digital walls upon the sun-drenched day to see with certainty if allow the specified influence to all the eye area. Removal scores if you have purchased type of the oakley sunglasses it’s required that you manage the whole bunch quickly.

So, I’d be curious to hear how things are when you lean your brain sideways.

In Yarn Along news, I have this:

stepsisters and glitterI’m working on the second half of a mistake rib tea cozy.  I need to make more of the Ground Cover squares, but I needed a short break.    I’m reading The Stepsister Scheme by Jim C. Hines.   The particular branch of the library from which I borrowed it has it tagged as “science fiction” but I’d call it “fantasy.”

In that picture you can also see the colored stuff.  We needed glitter for our last science experiment of the year.   I couldn’t find glitter at a price I was willing to pay at the one stop I made last night.  Instead, I colored salt with food coloring.  I used 6 drops in about 1/4 cup of sand and stirred.  I set the salt outside to dry out a little (it wasn’t THAT wet, but I live in the desert, and things are dry in 10 minutes).  Then we each got some on our hands (one color per person) and shook hands.  This would be even better with a large group, or with that powder/lotion that glows under the black light.  The salt worked, though, and cleaned up better than glitter (which I know is probably one of the points of using glitter, but I’m kind of at the “DONE” stage of this educational year).   We did it outside so when the kids rubbed their hands together (like you do when there’s grit on your hands), it just ended up on the ground to be blown away rather than all over the kitchen.  Hate me if you want to, but I’m not going to stress about a tablespoon of salt in the backyard.  That picture shows you what was left after we did the exercise.

In other news, DH went out early yesterday morning and bought a new toilet.  He was hoping to be able to just replace the tank.  However, we’ve apparently angered the potty gods.  The new tank is smaller than the old one and won’t work for the long term (the seat won’t stay up, among other problems).  It will work in the short term, and as he is crazy busy with work the boys are going to have to cope.  And sit.  🙂  The towels used in the adventure are all clean and dry once again.   Go me!

How are things by you?

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