Weekend recap

I meant to post yesterday (Sunday), but I stayed up too late and exhaustion took over.

This past weekend was another busy one.  Friday, DH took off on his motorcycle to spend the week riding up the coast of California.  I do miss him and having the extra adult in the house, but in some ways it’s kind of nice to not have to consider the other adult in decision making.  Friday evening the boys were at the rink for “pond hockey” (which is basically pick-up hockey for kids).  One of Thing 2’s friends were there and they were planning to have dinner in the bar after hockey, so we joined them.  About halfway thru dinner we realized that Public Skating was starting and the boys all asked if they could stay for that, too.  Why not?  Friend’s mom offered to be the adult of record while I ran to Target.  When I got back to the rink, they were almost done skating and a sleepover was proposed.  Why not?  I got everyone home (and showered, because HOLY COW were they ripe) and finally in bed around 11.  There was a great thunderstorm (wind!  rain!  lightning!), but the kids were exhausted and not bothered by the weather outside.

Saturday morning there were pancakes and video games, plus a side of swimming.  We had a birthday party at Mouse and Mayhem in the afternoon.  I can understand the logic behind the carpet on the floor (cushioning for the falls that are expected when 84765483692380 children are running around), and I’m sure they do clean them, and I understand that having birthday parties happening nearly CONSTANTLY on a Saturday means there’s a limit to what the staff can do (and they looked on-task the whole time, were friendly, etc).  But holy cow.  That carpet kind of gave me the heebie jeebies.  And I can remember letting my toddler run barefoot on it (and I remember how black his feet got).  We brought the Birthday Girl’s brother home with us after the party for a few hours (why not?).  There were more video games.  There was me being a zombie after that party.  There was driving our guest home chasing some FANTASTIC lightning!

A regular theme of my solo parenting time is “staying up too late.”  I generally get the kids to bed at a decent time, but I stay up doing stupid things (playing on the internets, watching tv, reading, whatever) until way too late.  Thankfully we haven’t had any early morning commitments, so I sleep in and thank the parenting gods that my kids can feed themselves in the morning if they get hungry.

On Sunday, I made chocolate chip cookies.  We used to sing this song at camp, minus several of the verses.  The songwriter’s website is here, and I would’ve linked to that version of the song, but I’m apparently missing a plug-in of some kind.

chocolate chip cookies - you gotta have moreMoving on….  I made cookies.  Then I took a bunch of them to a friend’s house, ran to the grocery store, ran to the pet store and came home and made what was supposed to be chicken pot pie.

pot pie in piecesThis is not the best picture because I took it late at night.  I made the pot pie filling and the gravy bit never set up, so I called it soup and made biscuits to go with it.  We had it for dinner last night and finished it up tonight.

Today, I took my boys and the neighbor kid out to lunch and then to the science center.  We had planetarium tickets to use up and did.  I napped.  Also, I lied when one of the kids tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was asleep.  I think I saw the first ten minutes of “EXTREME PLANETS” and then checked out.   I don’t feel guilty about it at all.   The boys took off bike riding when we got home, ate late dinner, showered and are packed off to bed.  I need to head there soon.  I’m going to ignore the dishes for the night.    Crap.  I just remembered to start laundry.  I guess I’ll be up for another hour (long enough to move those things into the dryer).

How do you do when there’s a change in your rhythm or when your partner is away?

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One Response to Weekend recap

  1. Heather says:

    Last comment went poof. Basically I miss eh when he travels but love the freedom of solo parenting. I enjoy not having another adult to include in decisions. For us it is an even more relaxed rhythm full of lots of why nots

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