Yarn Along 2013: Week 33

I think I got the week correct.  This isn’t the sequential number, but I think this is the 33rd Wednesday of the year.  I know I’ve skipped several weeks, but to be fair, I’ve been busy.

We’re moving across the country next week.  My front room is full of boxes, and an increasing number of storage places in my house (cabinets, closets, drawers, etc) are adorned with a piece of masking tape labeled “empty.”    I’ve made several trips to the moving company to get second hand boxes.  I’ve made lists.

blue toes and striped socksI needed a break from the Ground Cover squares (I’m probably going to have to mail one to my knitting partner) so I picked up these socks again.  I’m working on the gussets and then it’ll be heel time.  Yay!

You can see my task list here.  Several of those things are partially done because I have a hard time staying in one room until it’s COMPLETELY FINISHED.  Instead, I work in it until I really need a scene change, or until what’s left won’t fill a box (and I try to mentally keep track of what things are elsewhere so that when I’m packing a half full box, I can run around and grab other “like” things from other rooms, or things that will fill gaps.  I’ve had friends come help which has simply been wonderful, both for the companionship and for the increased productivity.

I haven’t been getting much reading done.  I recently finished Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman.  I have a bunch of books on my Nook, and just started reading Love, Rosie but the formatting is really weird, so I think I need to hold off and read that as a print book.   There are some others, but I’m sure they’ll expire soon (library loans).

Okay, bed calls.  Tomorrow will be another busy day.

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