A road trip summary

Over the past week, I’ve driven over 2300 miles.  DH and I drove, in two vehicles, from Arizona to North Carolina.  We drove thru Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  I should’ve blogged along the way, but each night I chose to just relax and go to bed rather than get out the computer.  I tried to remember what I saw along the way.  Here’s what I know.


  • stood on the side of the road in Winslow, Arizona and tried to take a picture of myself with the sign
  • learned that trying to take a picture, with flash, of a reflective sign at night results in a picture of a bright green shape
  • saw deer on the side of the road
  • missed seeing armadillos on the side of the road (DH did see them)
  • drove alongside train tracks for much of the drive – usually with freight trains on them
  • tried to take pictures of the “Welcome to [insert state here]” when I crossed state lines, but wasn’t always successful
  • ate way too much fast food because I had the cat as my passenger and couldn’t leave her in the car for very long
  • crossed the Mississippi River
  • did not stop at Graceland, but did have the line “I’m going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee” stuck in my head
  • listened to all of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone read by Stephen Fry
  • listened to James Taylor sing “Carolina In My Mind” (thanks to Pandora) at one point in the ride
  • was “Rick Rolled” by Pandora
  • passed several wind farms
  • passed several GIANT crosses
  • was photographed with Elvis
  • chased a double rainbow
  • appreciated my Bluetooth phone connection
  • had conversations with several people
  • drank a lot of water
  • appreciated very clean bathrooms
  • did not knit
  • listed a house for sale
  • possibly sold a house
  • read a short story
  • passed a billboard for a YARN STORE but didn’t stop
  • went “honky tonkin'”

Elvis (pre-Vampirehood)

  • It's Winslow, AZ.  Just trust me. IMG_20130821_155936_373-1 IMG_20130821_162457_489 IMG_20130821_175920_913 IMG_20130821_180143_955 IMG_20130822_135845_224-1 IMG_20130822_140008_073-1 IMG_20130822_184331_576 IMG_20130823_103124_450 IMG_20130823_204339_375
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