Boxes and boxes and boxes

I know.  You’ve been waiting patiently to hear how the move went.  First, though, I’m going to share a story with you so that you can better understand my concern.  I was going to write it all out myself, but DH wrote a good blog post about it a couple of years ago.  Go on.  Read it.  I’ll wait here.

I know.  It actually seems like a story made up to sell moving insurance, but it really happened.  All of it is true.  We told an abbreviated version of this story to everyone who came to give us an estimate.  They were all horrified.  We went into the move figuring that the worst (??) had already happened to us, so really, this move could only go better.  We still paid for insurance.  We packed most of our own stuff (not really for safety reasons, but because we could with the time we had) and packed almost nothing in plastic bins.  Anything that was in a bin was emptied into a box.  We moved stacks of plastic bins and laundry baskets.  Packers came a few days before the movers and packed up the last few things we didn’t get to (we ran out of boxes and general exhaustion was setting in).  The packers were models of efficiency, while still being thorough and thoughtful about how things should be packed (we’ve unpacked a LOT of packing paper).  So, far nothing is broken.  The two wine glasses that were wedding presents?  Packed in a box with many other glass things, but still in perfect condition.  Furniture?  Fine.

When the movers came to unload everything (as an aside, the driver was the same thru the whole thing – he was there when they loaded the truck in AZ, and he was here when they emptied it in NC), I realized I had never had to deal with this end of moving before.  The last time, DH was there to “receive” the stuff, and then it was just all unloaded into the garage (well, the few intact boxes were brought into the house).  While the boxes were labeled with room assignments, there were a few that weren’t, or it wasn’t clear (pictures to follow).  The men who unloaded the truck were again models of efficiency.   The driver was quite happy with their work.  They communicated with each other well, took breaks as they needed them, and generally worked steadily throughout the day.

Thing 2 and I unpacked some boxes while they were still being unloaded, prompting him to announce “we should have all of this unpacked in like a week!”  Of course, that’s the only day he really unpacked things because he’s now made a friend and needs to spend his days outside playing.    I’ve been doing most of the household unpacking, while DH tackles the garage and electronics.  I’m not the most efficient unpacker since I tend to just unpack a box into an empty cabinet without much thought for where it actually should go.  I then end up needing to move stuff from one cabinet to another, or from one shelf to another (most obviously in the kitchen).   The number of boxes in my living room is steadily decreasing, and today I dealt with several from our bedroom closet.    I’m kind of tired of boxes, but I’ll keep plodding along.

Because we did most of the packing ourselves, I recruited helpful volunteers.  As I open boxes, I’m reminded of all the different helpers I had:

Heather helped

Heather helped

Laura helped (FYI: those grinders are not for grinding up babies or adults)Laura helped (FYI: those are not for grinding adults and babies)

DH helped.  This was an important box, and one of those times that having an inventory listed on the outside was key.  We loaded this one last so it was one of the first off the truck.DH helped, itemized lists are good

Tracy helped.Tracy helped

I got a little loopy near the end.I was getting a little loopy at the end

Terri helped.Terri helped

Humor helped a lot!humor helped

The professional packers had two very different styles of handwriting.  One was clear.  One was, more challenging to interpret.

I haven’t unpacked this box yet, so I have no idea what “Ibanez” is.  Ideas?

ibanez blocked out

Very legible handwriting.  He liked using “misc” on many of the boxes.  Not terribly helpful, but I could read it.legible packer blocked out

The illustrations make you think that maybe a party is inside the box.  I suppose there was a potential party (it contained, among other things, pint and wine glasses), but that’s not the in a box blocked out

I have no idea what “ribbon ruban” is.  Also, please note how my MS Paint skilz improved.  Tech Support wandered into the kitchen while I was editing the pictures and showed me how to do it better (everybody now: “noooooooooobody does it better…. makes me feel sad fooooooooooooooooooooor the rest…….”)ribbon ruban name blocked outDo you have any good moving stories to share?



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