Yarn Along 2013: Week 37

Our cat has been adjusting to the new house relatively okay.  She is enjoying all the boxes for scratching (despite not having front claws, she still scratches at things as if she did), and we’ve found places for her necessary items to be.    She’s not enjoying the early wake-ups, but how do you tell a cat to just go back to sleep already?

I know she’s feeling slightly neglected because the people have spent far less time sitting than they might have before the move.  Anytime someone sits down somewhere, she’s quick to join you.  She misses laps.

She needed to be in on my picture taking today.  I had decided to use some of the flattened boxes as the background, and she initially came and stood right on my Nook.  She then settled to the side.

pay attention to ME lattice lost and foundWe’ve had Gizmo long enough now that she doesn’t look unusual to me, but she does to other people.  She’s a purebred Oriental Shorthair.  She’s chatty – you can go on the YouTube and find videos of them.

I’m reading Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst.  I finished the two books I’d downloaded last week, so I found 2 more to read.  I got Lost and I am Forbidden by Anouk Markovits.   I’m working on the last square I need to knit for the Ground Cover blankets.  I need to bust a move with it already.  

I should have more knitting time tomorrow since I have to be up at 5:45.  Thing 2 has finally been assigned a bus and he wants to ride it.  Instead of me driving him to school around 7, he can take the bus at 6:35.   Bleh.

And on that note, I’m going to sleep so I can be up dark and early tomorrow.

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One Response to Yarn Along 2013: Week 37

  1. CathieJ says:

    Cute cat and pretty yarn.

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