Yarn Along 2013: Week 39

My internets were down yesterday (Wednesday) evening, so I thought I’d missed the chance for a yarn along post, but Ginny’s page says I have all week to post.  So, yay!

I hadn’t even bothered to take a picture of knitting yesterday.  Honestly, I was too “busy” enjoying the slower pace of a rainy day.   I went to snuggle Thing 1 to wake him up and ended up falling back to sleep around 8:30 and sleeping until 11:30.  Clearly these early mornings are still beating me up.  I know some of the problem is not falling asleep until 11 or later (the night owl in me is resisting!).

It rained on and off all day.  I had slept thru Thing 2 getting off to school and remembered he didn’t have a raincoat.  I asked DH later what he wore to get to the bus and he said, “His sweatshirt.  And a car.  The neighbor drove them up to the corner.”  I was really glad that the bus stop was in a reasonable walking distance because I thought the idea of driving an able-bodied kid to the bus was a little unusual.  This was one of the times when i was completely okay with the drive.

Today has been a dry day.  I got Thing 2 out the door bright and early, and DH went into the office.  I had decided that I would let Thing 1 sleep late since today is his birthday.  Then I went to start this blog post and made the mistake of taking the computer to bed with me.  I went back to sleep at 8 and slept until 10.  Apparently I need a morning nap like so many infants.   I took this picture first.

DSC00507I’m nearly done with the sweater sleeves (and am slightly concerned that now the baby is too big for the sweater, but we’ll see).  I’m still reading In Between Days.  You can also see a weird chart under there.  Thing 2 has been a Minecraft addict for a while, and I found a Minecraft creeper blanket over on Ravelry.  The chart the designer made is on flickr, and I couldn’t figure out how to print it (assuming I was actually allowed to), so I sat and transcribed it myself.   Thing 2 was thrilled with the idea.  I am, too, right now.  I’m sure knitting 348593847809 blanket squares will wear on me, though.


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One Response to Yarn Along 2013: Week 39

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for leaving me the comment about the hanging towels! Read your latest blog posts; sounds like you moved recently and a change in how one of your children is schooled. Those are huge changes. I know when I was a youngin (about 12 or so) my family moved and my Mom suddenly had huge thyroid issues, fatigue like crazy. She got better but it took time. I think the move probably depleted her; I don’t remember as I was 12 or 13 and had my own battles back then and not a lot of perspective on my parents other than as my parents. But now that I have moved myself more than once, I can see how tiring it; how much energy is used in the move prep, not to mention the change itself and then all of the work to put things in new places. I know last years move for me (I moved while planning my wedding) wiped me out for sometime. So I totally see why you are needing a lot of recovery time. Knitting is a blessing in this time I know. Wishing you well and a home that is peaceful and healing. Thanks again for your comment; visit me re my blog any time! ~ Elizabeth {http://eroosje.blogspot.com/}

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