Yarn Along 2013: Week 40

Yet again, it’s Thursday rather than Wednesday for my Yarn Along post.  I did the morning routine today, giving DH the chance to sleep in.  It’s 8am and I’ve had breakfast al fresco, done some internet reading, and don’t feel completely like I want to go back to bed.  I call that a “win.”

We’re still very busy with ice hockey.  Thing 2 has practice 3 nights a week and has a game or several most weekends (last week: 3 in Atlanta.  this week: 2 in Fayetteville).  Thing 1 is at the rink at least twice a week.  DH coaches Thing 1, so he’s at the rink those times, plus he has his own league and tries to fit in pick up hockey/ice time other times during the week.   My job seems to be to plan dinner for when most of us will be home, and to share “taxi” runs with DH.  I need to carve out time for myself out of the house.  I haven’t started that routine yet but it needs to get added to the list.  I had forgotten how much travel hockey impacts our whole family life.

The move and travel hockey motivated me to take a term off from the Harry Potter House Cup over on Ravelry.  I was pretty impressed with myself, honestly, because normally I would’ve convinced myself I could still do it, and then it would become this huge extra stressor (which it’s completely not supposed to be) and I’d get resentful of knitting I’d feel like I HAD to finish.  I’ve also opted to not join a couple of swap/exchange things that looked fun.  The thinking part of me was concerned I’d get over-obligated and become “that guy” who sends everything late.  Better to just opt out for a while.  I will still do the stocking swap I’ve done the past couple of years with a best girlfriend.    I’d welcome your ideas for stocking fillers.

DSC00509I’ve mostly finished the blue-green baby sweater I’ve started and restarted.  I just need to weave in ends now, thank goodness.  I’m still working on the striped socks, but I didn’t include them in this picture.  I took them to the hockey games this weekend and would work on them when there was waiting time (while they get dressed/undressed, during warm ups, etc).  I thought I’d be able to work on them during his games, but the rink stands were such that if I really wanted to follow the game, I needed to stand up.  I didn’t want to stand and knit, so the socks were abandoned during the games.   One of the parents asked if I’d be finished by the end of the season.  Only one pair of socks over 6 months?!  Of course, those are the “whenever” socks, so I’m sure they’ll get bumped down the priority list shortly.

I showed Thing 2 a picture of a patchwork Creeper blanket (a Minecraft thing) from Ravelry the other day and he LOVED it.  That grey skein of yarn is one of the patch colors.  The pattern as written makes something about twin sized, but he’d rather it were larger, so I’m making larger blocks.  I bought one skein to see how much yarn a patch would use.  The cotton candy yarn is for my cousin Kim.  She had a heart transplant (!!) earlier this year and requested a pair of pink socks.  She approved this yarn.  I’m not sure what pattern I’ll use yet, and I’ve asked her for some feedback.

I’m currently listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  I’m reading Straight Man by Richard Russo and I need to start the first History of Us book for Thing 1’s history.  We have been using Pandia Press’s History Odyssey, but he’s feeling crazy overwhelmed, so I’m trying something new.  This might be too light for him, but it might give him some breathing room.  I know this move hasn’t been the easiest thing for someone with anxiety who has a harder time meeting new people.   I’m also listening to “Film Scores Radio” on Pandora when I can’t have words as my background noise.

To recap: Stocking stuff ideas for an adult?  She’s a full time student in addition to managing her family (DH, 2 daughters).  I’d like to not completely break the bank, but I’d like to avoid “oriental trading company” style stuff.

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1 Response to Yarn Along 2013: Week 40

  1. Sarah Jane says:

    Love the colorway of your sock ease yarn.

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