Yarn Along 2013: Week 41

Many of the knitting blogs I read (like all the good people who join up with Ginny’s Yarn Along on Wednesdays) have started posting things about winter holiday gifts.  The people in this house are generally anti-homemade things (well, specifically, anti-knitted things), but I have hope that there may be a greater need for that stuff now that we’re living in a place that actually gets kind of cold.  We’ll see.  Thing 2 likes non-clothing knitted things (stuffed animals), and slippers.  And then I found this Minecraft blanket (have I posted about this already?) and he fell in love.  There are 100 squares in that blanket.  ONE HUNDRED.  Even if I banged out one a day until Christmas, I still wouldn’t be done on time.  Good thing he’s flexible on due dates.

DSC00516This is the second square.  He’d like diamonds to be a recurring motif, but I don’t know if he’s expecting 100 different variations.  If so, he’s nuts.

I’m still reading Straight Man by Richard Russo.  I had to stop reading it for a few days because my loan from the library had expired.  I’ve checked it out again so hopefully I can finish reading that.  I’m listening to Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.  I’ll finish it before our road trip this weekend (Thing 2 and I are traveling for hockey again), and then I’m not quite sure what I’ll do for an audiobook.

In other winter holiday news, I have the supplies to make a yarny wreath like this and I’m hoping to do that over the next month or so.  If I didn’t have to haul it all in and out of a hotel this weekend, I’d consider bringing it with me.  I AM considering bringing my electric tea kettle because I really don’t want to deal with tea made in a coffee pot.  Yeah, yeah.  First world problems and all that.

And for those who know me in real life, I don’t want to talk about the advent calendars.





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1 Response to Yarn Along 2013: Week 41

  1. Susan says:

    That minecraft blanket is so cool! But, 100 blocks is a lot of knitting–at least for me. : ) I don’t like tea made in a coffee pot either; it always ends up tasting like coffee. Have a great weekend!

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