Yarn Along 2013: Week 42

I may try to get in another general knitting and life post later today or tomorrow, so I’ll just stick with the details about the yarn along picture in this post.

DSC00528Hey look – it’s another shot of those ruddy striped socks.  On the plus side, the legs are now over 5 inches long, so they’ll be done soon.  While we were in the hotel this weekend, I watched a couple episodes of “The Walking Dead” on my computer and worked on them.

As an aside, how are you supposed to punctuate/highlight television shows?  Is it like a novel, so they should be underlined or in italics?  I’m not going to look it up right now.

You can also see the beginning of a third blanket square there.  I asked Thing 2 if all the patches needed a diamond design, and he said yes.  However, they don’t all have to be different, and I could’ve done them all in the same design.  Good to know.

I’m reading With My Body by Nikki Gemmell.  I don’t know who suggested it to me, but I’m enjoying it (and not just because it has Robert Patterson style chapters).  There are parts of it that ring true for me.  Each chapter (“lesson”) is headed by a quote, generally not cited (so maybe Gemmell is the source?).  Those have also been good.  The one from Lesson 3 stood out for me the other day:

She is forever pursued by a host of vague of adjectives, “proper,” “correct,” “genteel,” which hunt her to death like a pack of rabid hounds.

Maybe that’s because I’m feeling a bit crazy with the homeschooling and public schooling and puberty and travel hockey and unpacking and early mornings and inadequate sleep and so much driving…  The “rabid hounds” metaphor was a good one.

I’m listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  One of the nice things about these regular weekend road trips is that I’ve been able to listen to books for at least part of the ride.  I generally need to switch to music after about two hours so I don’t get drowsy.  My travel companion has been happy to rock out to the 80s station on Pandora with me, thankfully.

Oh, and in the picture you can also see a little index card.  I write stitch patterns out on them and toss them in the project bag.   The cards are sturdier than paper, and I can get two per card.

What are you reading this week?


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