Completed projects and incomplete rest

It’s a lousy feeling to go to bed thinking, “I’m going to sleep in tomorrow” and then fall asleep realizing that your partner is going to bed later than you are, and will not be able to do the “getting off to school routine” in your stead.  So, being a responsible adult, you get up with the alarm, do the parenting things in the morning thinking, “I’m going back to sleep once he’s out the door.”  As the routine is winding down, and you know the bed is still warm, you remember that your kid’s walking-to-the-bus-stop partner  is sick today.  And then your favorite 10 year old says, looking at your jammies, “I guess you’re not walking me to the bus?”

So, I got “dressed,” and walked him to the bus.  It’s a little bit of an adventure, walking to the bus, because lawn sprinklers come on for some houses at that time, and taking the sidewalk isn’t always a choice (or could quickly become a reason to run home and change – SURPRISE!).  Thankfully we arrived at the bus dry.   I spent the walking and waiting (while “learning” the best way to throw a knife, and which kids from Thing 2’s class ride the same bus he does, and why certain people don’t ride the morning or afternoon bus, and discussing the cost of a new school bus…) debating staying up versus going back to bed.   Again, being a responsible adult won out and here I sit.  I’ve made a plan for dinner tonight, started the dishwasher, am trying to get up the desire to review Thing 1’s work from yesterday (I dreamt about arguing with him about the definition of “complete”).

In the meantime, some finished things.

pumpkin hats

Pumpkin hats!  I made the right one, and then was worried it was too big, so I made the left one.  Both have gone off to my cousin’s new baby.

blue baby sweater

The blue baby sweater.  This poor thing has tried to be several things.  I’m glad it’s finally a completed object.  This has made it to a friend’s new daughter.  I’ve been told it’s a welcome change in their sea of pink.

finally striped socks

Oh hey look!  The striped socks are finished.  They’re almost identical, too.  Most of my socks are “fraternal twins.”  I didn’t set out to make these match, it just turned out that way.

In other knitting news, I ripped back the Milo vest I was making.  I had switched to a bigger needle when I got to the stockinette part, and that changed the gauge.  I was at a workshop when I made the realization, so I just ripped it all back rather than trying to carefully go back to a specific point and then get the stitches back on the needles.  I started again, made it thru most of the increases and realized my stitch count was off.  That time I just slowly “tinked” back the rows hoping I’d figure out when I missed an increase.   On the plus side, I love the colors of this yarn so much that I’m not annoyed at all the reknitting I’ve had to do on it.

Okay.  I’m off to have a pumpkin flavored breakfast because it’s AUTUMN!  And everything is cinnamon/clove/nutmeg/ginger flavored.

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