Yarn Along 2013: Week 44 (a day late)

I know.  Yarn Along is Wednesday, and today is Thursday, but I know you people are flexible and will work with me here.

For those of you unfamiliar with the US calendar, October 31 is Hallowe’en.  Kids dress up in costumes and go door to door hoping to get candy in what my husband considers “community endorsed begging.”  Early in September, Thing 2 had made a costume decision and wanted to buy the things we’d need for it.  As this was a Minecraft-related costume, I didn’t think it would actually be that hard to make ourselves (especially when I saw that the sword he wanted was basically craft foam and $20).  Time got away from me, as it does with many procrastinators, and he reminded me on Tuesday that Thursday was Hallowe’en. Yikes!

Thankfully, the internet came through for me.  Using the plans I found here, I spent today making a “Steve” costume.   Earlier in the month we’d found the appropriately colored pants and t-shirt, so all I needed to do was build the sword and head.  I bought the foam core board yesterday while running errands and DH printed all the images today.  I know the blogger mentioned getting them all done at a copy shop for better colors and nicer paper.  I would consider that if my kid were going to a daytime party or similar.  He’s trick-or-treating at night.  Minor flaws aren’t going to be a problem.

making a diamond swordYou can see the progress I’ve made on the vest.  I had to do more “tinking” back when I realized I’d gotten caught up in old episodes of Sons of Anarchy and had knitted way too many plain rows, messing up the cable section.  Oh well.  Good thing it’s just a wee vest.

The costume took me on and off all day (including getting DH to adjust one of our empty moving boxes to be Steve’s head), but I was kind of low functioning today.  The final result got rave reviews from Thing 2’s friends.  He’s wearing a baseball helmet under the box to help keep it in place (I can only begin to imagine how sweaty he’ll be when he gets home tonight).

Steve!I think DH got a better picture with the good camera, but I’m not going to find that right now.

I’m kind of excited to be spending Hallowe’en in a place that gets what I consider to be a “real” autumn.

autumn colorThis was my view this morning when I was starting work on Steve.  I bought a box of the chocolate chai concentrate the other day and was drinking that this morning.  It’s good.  I think I’ll drink this box and then be done with it, though.  It’s basically just spiced hot chocolate, and I kind of expect hot chocolate to be creamier than this is.  Maybe because I made is with nearly skim milk?  Who knows.

If you celebrate Hallowe’en, what costumes did you or your children wear?

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