Thankful Day 1

Last year I did 7 things I was thankful for over 77 days or something.  It was crazy.  I’m sure I repeated things.  I was thankful for all of those things.  Some of them were minor, some of them were major.  I tried to call attention to some things people don’t realize they are thankful for (everyone is thankful for friends and family, but not everyone remembers to be thankful for public sanitation!).

This year I’m going to try to post a picture daily of something I’m thankful for.  There will be little things and big things.  I don’t know if I’ll just do November or go thru the end of the year.  I DO know that this year I’m not going to try to make up for missed days.  Life happens and feeling obligated to a blog is not always where my attention should be.

I missed yesterday, and while I said I wasn’t going to make up missed posts, this time I will.  I just won’t feel OBLIGATED to.


IMG_20131101_143912174I am thankful for acorns.  Or haycorns if you’re Piglet.   They grow into mighty oaks, the feed so many small animals, they torture ice age squirrel things…  Plus, the caps make really cute hats for small dolls.

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