Thankful Day 7

Please note: the days are by the calendar numbers, not how many days of thankfulness I’ve done.  I need low expectations.  Thanks for understanding.

This is not the best picture.  I probably should’ve looked up some advice on how to best shoot something like this.  Thank goodness you all are tolerant of my lousy photography.


I am thankful for salt.  This is some Morton’s Kosher Salt on a navy cloth napkin background.  Imagine cooking completely without salt.   I know with herbs and spices you could get flavor enhancement, but salt is a staple in kitchens almost around the world.  Heck, astronauts on the International Space Station have salt (in liquid rather than dry form, but still – salt in space!).   There was a time when very few people had access to salt, or what salt they did have came from the ocean.   So, from eggs to potato chips to caramel – I’m thankful for salt.


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