Thankful Day 12

I’m thankful for snow.  My kids basically grew up in Phoenix (Thing 1 spent his first year in Connecticut, but he doesn’t remember it).  Snow’s always been something they visit, and most years they don’t even get to do that.  This evening, though, it was raining and then the rain turned into snow (that phrase made me think of “Same Auld Lang Syne” by Dan Folgelberg but in the song the weather does the opposite) (that video is awful and loaded with comic sans, but the song is clear).  When I picked Thing 2 up from hockey it was still snowing and he was ECSTATIC.  There was much shouting about how it was SNOWING!!!!  And then on the ride home, when the road was empty, I put on the high beams for a minute and showed him what that looked like and how I always considered that to be like jumping to hyperspace in Star Wars.

I’m sure the snow will be gone in the morning if it isn’t already.  Still – it was a great thing this evening.

DSC_7898 DSC_7899

That second picture is Thing 2.  He’s standing with the snow man that Thing 1 made and the “lump” that Thing 2 made (it’s the slushball right in front of him).  He got too cold and had to come inside.  I wonder if I know where any gloves are for the morning.

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