Yarn Along 2013: Week 46


Today was a busy day.  Well, it was busy once I got up; I had a lovely lie-in this morning.  After lunch, I had a block of errands I wanted to run: we needed more herbs and spices and I wanted to check out a local bulk place, we needed to see if Whole Foods had some vegetables the local grocery store hasn’t had, and then to Costco for a couple of things. 

The spice shop was delightful (it’s a good 30 minutes away, so I’ll need to plan my trips to make them worth while), and WF was moderately productive (apparently jicama is out of season?  we could get it year round in Phoenix, but perhaps there was more of a call for it there).  Costco was a mixed bag – my main reason was to order new tires, and after a 30 minute wait, i found out that they couldn’t get the specific tires I needed.  I’m still not sure why, but as that was our last stop and my traveling companion was growing restless I figured I would let it go and just do our quick bit of shopping and get home finally.

Oh, so about the yarn along.  I’m reading Knit One Pearl One by Gil McNeil.  I’m working on another blanket square for Thing 2’s blanket.  I finished the Milo vest I was making, but I need to take a good daylight picture of it.  I also split that crazy pink yarn I posted a couple weeks ago so I can turn that into socks.    I’m sorry the picture isn’t fantastic – I took it inside in the evening and lighting is still tricky for me. 

How are things where you are?

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