Yarn Along 2013: Week 47

Well, I remembered to take pictures early in the day for the yarn along, but now it’s late at night and I don’t want to stay up too late writing.  My thankful posts have basically ceased, too.  Sorry, readers.


I’m currently making a pair of pink socks with a bit of heart lace on the top of the foot.  I’m using this pattern.   I’m reading Oryx and Crake again because I want to refresh my memory of the storylines in that book and The Year of the Flood before I read MaddAdam.

I got a decent picture of the Milo vest I finished.

DSC00617It needs a little wash and block.  It’s going to be a bit big (I think officially it’s the 9 month size), and I need to decide if I’ll make some little booties or socks with the leftover yarn (since there isn’t enough leftover to make a cowl for me).

DSC00616Yesterday evening I made some butternut squash soup since I can’t get it at Panera anymore.  Apparently they think that “autumn” is over.  I found this recipe online.  It’s not completely identical, but it’s tasty.  I even toasted some pumpkin seeds to go on top.  After a brief bit of warm weather (75F!), it has dropped back down, so soup was a lovely lunch.

I need to start thinking more aggressively about warm winter wear.  I might have to break down and start wearing a hat.

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