Yarn Along 2013: Week 48

So, Wednesday got away from me.  On Monday, MIL and her sister (AIL?) spent the night so they could fetch someone from the airport down here early in the day.  The weather was kind of miserable at the beginning of the week and they originally had plans to drive to NY on Wednesday.  The later it got on Monday and Tuesday, the more they were dreading the drive and had joked that if they decided to not do the 10 hour drive north, they could always come and spend Thanksgiving with us.  By late afternoon Tuesday, that was the decision.

I spent Tuesday evening quickly sorting out how to adjust our “Thanksgiving for Four” plans into “Thanksgiving for Eight.”  Thankfully MIL and AIL were quite willing to help cook.  I needed to make a whole mess of lists, though: housekeeping tasks, shopping lists, food tasks, timing charts, etc.   Then I did the shopping, in the pouring rain, while DH and Thing 2 went to hockey practice.  I picked up folding chairs (we only have seating for 5, currently), random food things, flowers…  I got wet and bought an umbrella (I’m sure we have one in a box somewhere, but I’m not sure exactly where).   I was patient in lines and was cheerful with cashiers.  I swore at drivers who wouldn’t let me get thru the parking lot and OUT OF THE RAIN while they cruised by in their dry cars.

MIL, SFIL, AIL and cousin arrived just before noon on Thursday.  I had mentally planned dinner for 5:30-6 because I just can’t deal with dinner at 2.  Because I had lists, every time someone said, “Is there something I can do?” I could respond with “The list is at the end of the counter.”  Most of the housekeeping tasks were finished before our guests arrived, with the exception of some bedding which finished up during the day.  I cleaned the boys’ bathroom so it was acceptable for people other than boys.  People were helpful and cheerful.  The meal was delicious.  We got a good family picture.  I managed to rip out the pink socks again.

We had our First Thanksgiving in the new house and it was wonderful.

making listsI’m still reading Oryx and Crake as well as Loving Frank.  I just finished listening to “The Langoliers” and have started listening to Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.

Why do I only make apple pie once a year?  It’s wonderful!



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