Yarn Along 2013: Week 50

We’ve had company over the past several days and I’ve only vaguely been keeping track of the days.  So, while I knew she was leaving yesterday and that she was leaving on Tuesday, the fact that today was Wednesday hit me at about 9pm tonight.  Thankfully, I made it to appointments and practices that were scheduled for today.  Maybe on autopilot.  Mostly I forgot that it was yarn along day.

I don’t have a book picture, but I’m reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and listening to Star Island by Carl Hiassen.   I’m still working on the pink socks.  I did almost no knitting while my mom was here.  I did play many games of Bananagrams, though.

Today, Thing 1 and I headed to a homeschool day at a local historical site.

IMG_20131211_125150519 IMG_20131211_125300601_HDR IMG_20131211_125406715 IMG_20131211_125807882

It’s a plantation site.  We saw sheep (aka “yarn, the beginning”), pigs, a cow, horse, and donkey (no picture).  I forced my giant boy to take a picture with me.  I bought Cartridge Candy for Christmas stockings.    We weren’t there for very long, but it was a nice block of time with him and being out of the house.  We need to do it more often.

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4 Responses to Yarn Along 2013: Week 50

  1. Madison :) says:

    Divergent! Have you read Legend? I like the characters of the Hunger Games best and the plot of Legend the best (though the writing itself is terrible), but I think Divergent is the best actual series.

  2. ameyknits says:

    I haven’t read Legend. You’ll need to give me an author, because there are probably a bazillion books with that title.
    I have very mixed feelings about THG. I liked the first book, the second I treated like a “bridge” because I knew it was part of a trilogy and it was okay if it wasn’t a fantastic book in isolation, and the third I disliked. I found a review on goodreads that summed up my thoughts once I read it. I’m sure I’ve posted about it.
    As a Stephen King reader, THG seemed like a cross between “The Long Walk” and “The Running Man” mixed with a good spoonful of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.”
    So far, I like Divergent. I started it MONTHS ago, then set it aside for other things. I’ve been reading it pretty consistently over the past week.

  3. Heather says:

    Aine was looking over my shoulder and asked if that was your new house…

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