Yarn Along 2014: Week 1

I have no idea if Ginny is posting today.  I’m posting from my phone in a hotel that doesn’t offer free wireless (and we’re too cheap to pay $13 per day for it).  I still have data bandwidth (??) available, so I’m using that. 
I just started reading “At Home in Mitford” by Jan Karon.  As I was reading it in bed last night after watching the ball drop, my husband jokingly said, “a PAPER book?!  What is this? 2013?!”. My nook is somewhere in the car and I haven’t bothered to hunt for it.  My mom gave me the Mitford book while we were visiting.  I’m still listening to “Stately Pursuits.”
I did a little yarn shopping with a friend today, and picked up yarn for a hat (the grey), yarn for socks (the multicolored), and yarn for a vest (the blue).  2014 needs to be a productive year considering all the yarn I’ve added to my stash at the end of 2013.


Have you picked a word for 2014 yet?  That’s one of my plans for after vacation.  Happy New Year!!

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