Back in the kitchen

Today I cooked the first real dinner in our house since I think December 20th.   We got back in town on Friday.  That night we had pizza from Costco that was in the freezer (when we decide to get one of the take-and-bake pies, we buy 2 [or more if they’re on sale] and freeze the extras unbaked).  Saturday involved take out in shifts around ice hockey and grocery shopping (I know).  Sunday featured dinner out after Dan’s hockey game and so that I might have one last day off from cooking.

On Sunday, I started a small bit of bulk cooking.  There were things I wanted to make for this week, and I figured I could start out making double of everything and have one for the freezer, which would save time in the future and hopefully (??) reduce our eating out.  It will also make Future Me happy that she has a night off and almost no dishes to do.    I mixed things for a chicken enchilada casserole, put some chicken thighs in the crock pot to cook for that (they turned out to be spoiled which was really unfortunate, but thankfully they weren’t combined with anything else before I figured that out), I started the beginnings of chili (onions sauteed, ground beef cooked), and took out some sausage for a ravioli lasagne thing I want to try.

Today I did dishes.

IMG_20140106_153345228My friend Julie sent me the wand.  She spotted it while out shopping and could remember my Facebook posts about needing dish fairies.  This didn’t get me any fairies so far (maybe they’ll come tonight while I’m sleeping?), but it did make dish washing a little fun, if only because I was thinking of her.

Today I cooked NEW chicken thighs for the casserole.  I also made a stir fry which always sounds good in the abstract, but then there is so much chopping to do that I get a little resentful by the end.  It does help that I make it so rarely that the family is thrilled when they learn that’s the plan.  I bought a boxed crumb cake and made that after I did the second shift of dishes today.  Then I was feeling completely crazy and made a batch of pancakes to have for breakfast tomorrow (what?  you don’t make pancakes at 10pm?).  I’m basically out of my pancake mix (from scratch) and for a moment I thought about planning to hit the health food store tomorrow.  Then I remembered that we’re expecting record cold temperatures and Thing 2’s school has been delayed two hours because of the cold and figured I’d probably just stay home and cook some more.

Of course, I’ve just realized I don’t have enough tomatoes.


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3 Responses to Back in the kitchen

  1. stacia says:

    don’t you have teenagers for doing the dishes?

  2. Heather says:

    Love, love, love the wand!

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