A small bit of design

Before winter holiday season, Thing 1 asked if I would make him some fingerless gloves.  He wanted yellow and black stripes and at the time, he wanted vertical stripes (up the length of his arm, not around it).  I ordered yarn that he picked from Knit Picks in my brief “order all the things!” attack around Black Friday, and then didn’t knit them.  I was hoping to finish the pink socks first, but that didn’t happen (they’re still in progress).

I was feeling guilty that it was now February and I still hadn’t even STARTED them, especially since I’ve been making blocks for Thing 2’s blanket (the one from Wednesday?  I had to rip that out since it was nearly 13 inches wide rather than 10.  Why did I think it would get narrower if I kept working on it??).  So, yesterday I got out the graph paper (regular graph, not knitters graph paper, because I didn’t think it would matter for this task), and did some coloring in a few different combinations to see what the boy might like.  I also drew some poor sketches of the two styles I was considering (thumb gusset or just a hole in the side).

DSC00889Thank goodness I asked.  During our chat, I found out that Thing 1 would now prefer horizontal stripes (yay!  so much easier for me to do!), and he wants just a hole.  While we had SNOW last week, today it was 65F, so he’s feeling like I waited too long to make them.  I’m hoping we get another cold snap or two once I (start and) finish them, so he still has a reason to wear them.  Thankfully they’re out of sock weight yarn, so they’ll be thin and good for much of spring and possibly again in the fall.

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3 Responses to A small bit of design

  1. Heather says:

    What exactly is knitter’s graphing paper? I didn’t know there was a different product just for knitters. Vertical would not be bad if you are okay with a hole for the thumb – just knit lengthwise and seam. Of course the new method is even better. And I love that he had a definite idea about the striping.

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