Yarn Along 2014: Week 6

DSC00890Sometimes I wonder if crappy pictures are worse than no pictures.  Thoughts?

This is my late night, last minute yarn along picture.  The grey ball in front is another blanket square I ripped out (too small).  You can see an index card with a stitch pattern I know works up to the correct size.  You can also see a massive list of books.  I forget where I found this, but it’s 339 books long.   I think I had plans to work my way thru it and I might need to get back on that plan.  Maybe if I give myself permission to not finish things.

I’m currently listening to Company by Max Berry.  I just finished These High, Green Hills by Jan Karon (another Mitford book).   I’m not really loving the audiobook.  Maybe it’s the narrator, but it’s kind of boring me and it really shouldn’t.  Maybe I should read it as a print book?  The Mitford book was what I needed it to be: relaxing.  I’m ignoring Spinning Forward because I’m kind of tired of the characters talking about how unlikely their situation is (and how it seems like a movie rather than real life).  I may not finish it.  My reading choices this year have been kind of lousy.  I need a good book to turn things around for me.  Bleh.

While on the east coast, we’re down south, so we haven’t had any of the snow that the New England/Mid-Atlantic regions have been dealing with this week.  If you got snow, how much did you get?  I’d kind of like to get snow again – Friday early afternoon would be a great time.  We’ve been getting rain and my front lawn is starting to flood – there’s standing water out there currently.  I have no idea how to improve the drainage, or if it’s even possible.

Thing 2 is off on his first overnight field trip tomorrow morning.  He’s quite excited and I can’t wait to hear about his trip.  His teacher is going to send text updates during the trip, which is pretty cool.  Do you have a favorite field trip memory?

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6 Responses to Yarn Along 2014: Week 6

  1. ameyknits says:

    Oh, and WordPress tells me that sometimes visitors may see ads at the end of my posts. Do you see any? What are they for?

  2. mochroifiain says:

    I just read your post, and I am not seeing any ad at all. But I have been wondering the same thing about my blog 🙂

    • ameyknits says:

      Hey there 🙂 I just checked 5 of your posts and didn’t see any ads. Maybe there needs to be loads of comments/likes in order for WP to throw and ad up there? Then they’d know lots of people would see the ad. Who knows.
      I mostly wanted to be sure it wasn’t ads I’d be angry about. At some point I should probably break down and get the paid version of WP. I wanted to be sure I’d keep blogging first.

      • mochroifiain says:

        Thank you very much for checking on my posts as well. 🙂 It is probably just as you said, they are waiting for us to get more comments before they throw in the ads. I’m in exactly the same boat as you, I’m waiting to see how much I keep up the blogging, before I spend money on it.

  3. Heather says:

    No ads-perhaps I am not a good target?

    It is overcast here, and I am contemplating putting on pjs once I shower. We are in need of a home day. I have actually had fairly good reads this year. My current audiobooks is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. It is pretty good. The narrator is a bit annoying at times, but not overly so. I also listened to a bit of Maya Angelou. I really like her work and she reads it herself. For some reason that appeals to me.

    Hmmm…field trip memories. I loved going to Sutter Museum in Michigan. It was for the day and I loved it. Perhaps it ties into my fascination with homesteading and sustainability.

  4. Megan-Anne says:

    The ads only come up every once in a while. In my experience with wordpress so far, they’re not very intrusive. You can always pay to have them removed, but I didn’t bother with it until we upgraded to a dot com. It comes free with the package anyway.

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