A spot of fresh air

When we first moved into this house, I spent many mornings having breakfast on the back patio, or just went out there to sit and knit or read or whatever.  Then it got rainy and cold, and I spent more time inside.  Adding to that has been my need to stay close to Thing 1 as he does his schoolwork (or avoids it, grrr) and he doesn’t like the patio chairs.  He can be a bit of a delicate flower that way.

Today, as I was sitting inside, on the couch (yay! we finally have living room furniture!) catching up on all the Yarn Along posts from this week, I realized I could be doing it from outside.  I thought about those pictures of people sitting on porches at sanitariums – wrapped in blankets and taking in the fresh air.  I figured I could manage to read outside in a blanket – it’s 55F! – plenty warm enough.

DSC00891I thought the grill (the big black thing on the left) might break any wind I’d deal with (the woods behind the house are behind the grill).  I brought out water, knitting, and a blanket, and I put on a sweatshirt.  I didn’t bring anything for my hands, and that’s what’s dragging me inside once I post this.  That and having to sit and untangle the yarn I’m using (you can sort of see the arm warmers I’m working on to the right of the laptop).  When I started the black skeins, there was a bit of “yarn barf” but I didn’t worry about it – it slowly gets used up as you knit.  However, I’m doing two-at-a-time arm warmers with 2 color stripes, so that’s 4 balls of yarn in play.  The yarn barf plus the general mild tangle that happens for me with TaaT has made it so I can’t knit anymore until I deal with the mess.  I’m dealing with that inside because my hands are cold and will be no good for fine work very shortly.

Being out here, though, has reminded me that I have no idea where my kids go when they start exploring in the woods.  I’m pretty hands off with their outside time (they’re 10.5 and 13), and I can remember the freedom I had outside.  I want my kids to have that, too.  That aside, I’m curious about what might the woods might be like.  Tomorrow I should put on some boots and go walking.  Maybe the boys will go with me.

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