Playing in the snow

So, three days ago I was sitting outside on the patio reading.  Today it snowed all day long.  Thing 2 was dismissed early from school today because of the weather and was excited to get out in it after a short break inside and lunch.  He asked me if I would be interested in checking out “the river” where he and his friends explore and I couldn’t pass up the chance.

We got suited up in our snow gear (or mostly – Thing 2 could only find one mitten, I couldn’t find my gloves but did find a pair of mittens, etc) and headed out.  The walk to the river was MUDDY.  The route back there follows a road that’s under construction and through an area that has been cleared for new house construction.   Once we got back there, though, it was like a winter wonderland with a great creek running through it.  They call it “the river” but it’s a creek.

I took pictures with my cell phone.  They’re not fantastic, but they’re pretty good considering it’s a cell phone and it was actively snowing the whole time.

IMG_20140211_135429319 IMG_20140211_135535166 IMG_20140211_140251091_HDR IMG_20140211_140551721 IMG_20140211_115043795_HDRWow.  That’s a crazy big picture of my face.  But hey – handknits!  In the full length picture, you can see my gaiters – they’re the red things on my legs.  The link doesn’t take you to mine, just a similar thing.  I know we didn’t pay that much for mine.  I bought them back in the late 90s when I was working at a day care center in Connecticut.  I knew I’d be going outside in the snow for recess and was going to buy a pair of snow boots.  The salesman asked if I already had waterproof hiking boots, which I did.  In that case, he said, I should get gaiters.  If I wouldn’t be sledding or something where I’d need snow pants and I just needed more leg coverage, the gaiters would be fine.  And they were.   They were great today, too, with all the mud.  I returned home with dry feet and clean pants.

In the picture under my gigantic head, you can sort of see the kids rambling through the woods above the creek.  Lastly, there’s a shot of the patio furniture from the other day – now with added snow!

I’m glad I got to see where the boys are exploring.  It’s a great spot, and the creek will be a lot of fun in the summer for splashing around and more exploring.  Hopefully the new construction won’t cut them off from this space.   I think I might need to make a sit upon to have ready if I get invited again.  The boys were talking about all the things they could do there when it warms up.

I got dishes done and made pot pie filling (I couldn’t be bothered with crust, so I told the family to imagine it as chicken stew or something and eat it with crusty bread, and be happy I made dinner.  They complied.)  Thing 2 has the day off from school tomorrow, but I think Thing 1 will still need to get work done after the non-productive week he had last week.  Plus, he may get Friday off if Thing 2 and I are headed out of town for his final hockey tournament.  There’s a possibility the team will decide to skip it if the weather is still lousy.  North Carolina doesn’t have good snow removal resources (for good reason), so the drive could be dangerous.  I’m assuming we’re going and will prepare for that, and just have a “found” weekend if we stay home instead.


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One Response to Playing in the snow

  1. Michelle says:

    A sit upon! Now I KNOW you were a girl scout:-)

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