So, in case there was any question, I’m quite enjoying the winter weather we’ve been having.  While we lived in Phoenix, I really missed having four distinct seasons.  Autumn is my favorite, but I like a snowy winter, too.

Today it was warmer out and saw a bit of sleet (or maybe even plain rain).  The snow was crunchy, and you could see where the freezing rain had come yesterday before being topped with more snow – there was a layer of ice between layers of snow.  It was GREAT for snowmen and snowballs and even held up to some sledding.  A friend in Connecticut called it “creme brulee snow” which I think is a perfect description.  Kids were outside playing in the neighborhood almost all day long.

I wandered down to the stream behind the house today (how lucky are we to have TWO streams for exploring??), and walked up the street a little.  Our road hasn’t been plowed yet, but there are tracks through it from cars that have journeyed out.  No construction has been done on new houses for most of the week because of the snow.  I passed someone riding a four wheeler.

I completely wish we had bird seed.  This little bird was working at something long enough for me to take two pictures and move on.DSC00895


You can see some slush in the creek.  I’m sure that’s from the trees.DSC00898


Thing 2 worked with some of the neighbor kids to build this snowman.  His left arm is a little hard to see unless you make the picture bigger, but he does have one.DSC00902


This is our street.  It hasn’t been plowed.  The snow started on Tuesday.DSC00903


Ahh — winter!DSC00905

It looks like we’ve seen the end of the snow (at least for this storm).  We’ll deal with thawing and freezing (and potential black ice) over the next few days, but next week it’ll be mostly sunny and warmer (I saw something about getting into the 60s).

Are you coping with winter (or summer, for my southern hemisphere readers) okay?

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