Yarn Along 2014: Week 8

I went back and looked through my most recent posts to make sure I remembered correctly that we had snow on the ground (and in the air) this time last week.  We did!  Today it’s 68F/20C – it poured rain overnight (thunder woke me!) but now it’s sunny and lovely outside.  I was actually startled by the warmth when I went to put a cookie sheet outside to cool. 

Because of the rain and melting snow, the stream (creek?  I have no idea what the difference is) behind the house is high and muddy. 

DSC00910There are a few isolated patches of snow in the front of the house.  That’s an area that is more shaded, so some determined snow has hung on in the face of rising temperatures and rain.  There might be 10 snowballs worth of snow left.  Maybe.

As I said on Saturday, I had to rip out the striped gauntlets I’m making for Thing 1 because they were too small around.    I added 15 more stitches to each, and they’re much better now.  This morning I’d made it to the thumb hole point and was thrilled with my progress.  I’d nearly finished the 7 rows for the thumb when I realized I hadn’t been carrying the yellow yarn up the edge (the thumb area is black), so I was going to be leaving myself with a long piece of yarn on the edge of the thumb.  That seemed like a bad idea, so now I’m tinking back those rows so that I can knit them again making sure to twist the black and yellow together this time.    That seems less traumatic than starting over completely from scratch, thankfully.

DSC00909I’m reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth.  At times the first person present tense style grates on me, but I’m mostly enjoying the book.   I’ve been listening to the Knitmore Girls podcast.  So far that’s holding my interest.  Their podcast seems to have order and purpose, and they share information in a way that works for me.

Are you a blogger who uses tags on her posts?  Can you tell me why you do?  I have a feeling I should be using them (WP chastises me for not), but I might need a little bit of guidance or advice.

Since it’s Wednesday/Yarn Along day, I’m linking up with Ginny and all the wonderful Yarn Alongers.  It’s a great way to find new books to read and new knitting to try.   If you’ve stopped by from YA, know that I’ve probably read your blog.  I try to read all the entries over the course of the week, but I rarely comment.  I know I should be better about that, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Especially when there are 150+ links.  I do comment when a post strikes me somehow or when I think I can be helpful. 

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One Response to Yarn Along 2014: Week 8

  1. Donna says:

    I love the Knitmore girls. I usually listen to them while I am cleaning. I’m not sure why! I don’t tag my posts either. I’m sure it’s an organization thing but that would be way too practical for me.

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