Yarn Along 2014: Week 9

It’s another Wednesday, so I’m linking up again with Ginny of Small Things.   I’ve been knitting the fingerless gloves for Thing 1.  The palm was more rows than I thought it would need (I think the pattern called for 7, but I don’t know what the row gauge was supposed to be – I ended up knitting 20).  I knit the palm all in black because I figured that would be a high use area.  I know this picture looks much the same as other weeks, but I promise there has been progress.  An end is in sight, also, since today I figured out that I need about 18 more rows for the fingers and then I’m done.

I’ve been keeping one of the blanket squares for the Minecraft blanket in my purse and have been working on that in stolen moments (generally in the car when DH is driving).  Sometimes that means only knitting one row, but that’s one more row than if it just sat at home.   I’m about to finish a ball of yarn with the current square, so I’ll need to add a new one to my travel knitting.


I’m currently reading In The Woods by Tana French.   I haven’t read a decent mystery in a while and it’s got me walking around doing things with my Nook in my hand.  I think I’ve read (or almost read) some lemons lately, so it’s nice to enjoy a book.  It’s taken a weird turn at the moment, and I hope it gets sorted out.  The periodic foreshadowing (you can almost hear the “dun, dun, DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” in the background or something) is a bit heavy handed, but I’m hoping there’s a good ending.

I’ve been listening to The Knitmore Girls podcast some more this week.  I like the distinct segments and that they seem to have a clear purpose – it’s more than just two people rambling on about knitting, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed a bunch of private jokes or anything.  I started with January 2013, but I think I could go back and listen to earlier episodes and not feel like they’re hugely out of order.  Certain life events would let me know they were in a different order, but I’m guessing I’d still enjoy listening.

How are things with you?

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