The last hockey weekend

This past weekend was Thing 2’s last travel hockey trip of the year.   We headed to Cleveland, Ohio this time.  It was a good weekend for the team – they won all three tournament games which sent them to the final championship game.  They skated hard, played well, and generally went out with a bang.  Out of 4 games, the other teams scored a total of 2 goals.  Thing 2’s teams scored over 5 goals each game.  They’ve played in other tournaments where they lost every game, or where they just looked disorganized and half asleep.  They are young kids, so it’s understandable, and I work hard to remember that they are kids and they’re just playing a game.

I’ve enjoyed my time with this team and these parents.   The parents can really make or break the experience on a team – not for the kids necessarily (it CAN, but it doesn’t always), but definitely for the parents.  I’ve spent time with parents who shouted at refs (to the point of banging on the glass to yell at them).  There will always be bad calls, and I have no real issue with the occasional shout of “hey!” and “you gotta call that!” directed at the officials.  It happens, and the people on the ice can’t hear specific things from the stands.  However, berating the refs (who are minors sometimes – you can take the reffing test at 13), or other coaches, or other KIDS is unacceptable behavior.  The parents on this team are encouraging.  We’ve rooted for other teams, we’ve shared information with other parents, we’ve modeled good sportsmanship.

So, Cleveland.  Like much of the northeast, Ohio has been dealing with a very snowy winter.   I’m a fan of snow when I’m at home and can go out exploring, or hunker down inside with warm drinks and a book.  I am familiar with driving in it after living in the northeast.  When I was nannying outside of Boston, I did the drive between Boston and upstate NY (so.much.MassPike) pretty regularly.   However, in those cases, I was prepared for the snow.  I had a snow brush!   It snowed on Sunday (it might’ve started late Saturday night).  It was expected, so I had planned on an early morning to having time to clean off the car (thankfully the hotel had snow brushes and scrapers to loan).    We made it to the game on time, and headed out almost immediately after.  I had to clean the car off again and used Thing 2’s mittens.  A local parent came and helped with a real brush which was lovely.  The roads were snowy.

IMG_20140302_110147619 IMG_20140302_143140252We made pretty good time, and our ride was uneventful.

Next up?  Baseball!

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