Yarn Along 2014: Week 12

Oh here we are again.  I lead you on with promises of stories of my lovely week off.  Instead, it’s been radio silence until Wednesday again.  I’ll get to the yarn along details in a moment.  Right now, I want to give a brief update on the status of my Word of the Year progress.   The word I chose was “settle.”   Boxes are slowly getting unpacked (I did 4 this week!).  We now have area rugs and a coffee table arrives tomorrow.   DH has been putting up ceiling fans.  Thing 1 has been trying out paint samples on his walls.    Today, I went thru a box of stationery.  I threw out some odds and ends, and was able to condense things down into a far more manageable container.  I have some things for Goodwill (I feel like I always have more things for Goodwill), and the seasonal things have been gathered together.

DSC00942This was mid-process.  One must stay hydrated (the blue cup) and entertained (the laptop broadcasting Call the Midwife).  I dragged my knitting into the middle so I could have a picture for the Yarn Along with Ginny.    It’s yet another blanket square.  I finished 3.5 while I was on vacation (the end of one, and 3 new ones).

I’m currently reading The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty and listening to Year Zero by Rob Reid.

What are you up to?



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