Birthday vacation recap

Before another week goes by, and before I forget, I want to write about my week off.  I didn’t take any pictures, really, but I’m considering this one of those posts I’m writing for my own memory – a semi-classic diary entry.

Friday: I got up with Thing 2 and got him out the door for school.  Then, I flew all day long.  My hostess for the week fetched me from the airport and we sorted out dinner with her family by heading to their favorite Thai place.   I’ve not had Thai before, so it was good to go with people who know the cuisine AND know me.    I learned I don’t like pork skin (at least not when it’s been powdered – it was a little like sawdust in my summer roll).

Saturday: Terri and I did all the grocery shopping.  We bought, as they say, ALL THE THINGS!    Saturday evening, we headed out to see the Yarn Harlot.  Conveniently, she’d arranged to be in Phoenix the same week I was there for my birthday vacation.  If you are familiar with Stephanie’s work at all, you know the evening was delightful.   I saw several knitty friends there and I waited patiently to have my book signed.  I didn’t pose with her (we were near the end of the line and I know travel is a special kind of tiring), so you have to be happy with a picture from her talk/reading.  Assuming I can ever get it to upload.

After the reading, we went out to dinner with some other friends.  Tonight’s new cuisine was Indian.  We got there just as the place was closing, but they fed us and were very gracious about it.   Deciding on dinner was a bit of an adventure – balancing general apathy with food restrictions.  Adding to the fun was me announcing that we couldn’t go out for Vietnamese because we’d done that the night before.   It was several minutes before Terri looked at me and said, “Vietnamese?  No we didn’t.  Last night was Thai.”  It’s obvious how limited my exposure to other foods is.

Sunday: The day started with brunch at Terri’s aunt’s house for her birthday.  As the extrovert child of a small family (I’m one of two, my mother is an only, my dad is one of 3 who are far flung), I generally enjoy large family gatherings (Terri is one of 5).  This was no exception.  There were mimosas at breakfast, which started my week of alcohol consumption.  I wasn’t crazy or anything, but I can go months without a drink.  I wasn’t driving all week long, so I threw some of my caution to the wind.

Terri’s girls had roller derby practice (how cool is that??), so we hung out there for much of the afternoon.  There was a parents’ meeting during much of practice, so I sat in a camp chair and worked on more Minecraft squares for Thing 2’s blanket.

Monday: We took Terri’s kids to school and then headed off to see another friend.  Timmi’s kids were on Spring Break so we brought donuts over and were hailed.  Then we ditched her kids and went to Target to get random things.    You know, it might not be Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, but shopping with girlfriends is always a good time.   Having a friend along makes getting toilet paper and tampons a fun time.

When Timmi left to take her kids to ballet, Terri and I had lunch at Pita Jungle (with loads of leftovers – I almost always over order there), picked up her kids and went home long enough to change responsible adults.  Terri had a LLL meeting that night and I tagged along.   It’s always fun to spend an evening with moms and new babies.

Tuesday: We were supposed to meet up with my homeschooling friends at Park Day.  Life had other plans, though, and most of them were going to be busy with fun classes at the Biosphere (?) or stuck home with sick kids.  So, instead, Terri and I had a LOVELY day on the couch.  Over the course of the day I made a cheesecake (dairy and gluten free) for my birthday, and Terri made an amazing black rice salad and grilled steak.  Her husband brought home flowers and pink moscato for me.  It was a great evening, and no one got sick.  Victory!

Wednesday: Terri made arrangements for us to spend the day at Aji Spa in Chandler.   It was a sunny, relaxing day (hot tub!  facials!) and included lunch at the spa, and I had a cocktail that included champagne and prickly pear syrup.  While it meant getting up and out early in the morning, it was worth it.   Terri drove me to the local art supply place so that I could pick up a set of good colored pencils to go with the mandala coloring books I got for Christmas.  I also grabbed 2 hypotrochoid sets – one for me and one to add to Terri’s stocking that I had brought with me.

Wednesday evening, Terri and I headed out with her husband to meet some friends at Joyride.  Mmmm, tacos and cocktails.  It was LOUD in there, but it was a fun evening.  It took a while to get our food (who knew Wednesday would be a busy night?), and shortly after we’d had it in front of us, a waiter stopped in front of me and asked me if I was done.  I politely told him no, but really?  My plate was nearly full, and everyone else at the table was clearly in mid-meal.  There were tacos!  And they were tasty!

Thursday: KNIT NIGHT!  We had a good turnout.  I tried to knit a cowl and succeeded in knitting a moebius (and no, that wasn’t the shape I was going for).  I’m going to blame the three glasses of Riesling I had that night.  Loads of people came out, there was cake, there were sandwiches, there was tension, there was swearing.  A good time was had by all.  This was my last night in town, so I spent some time packing up and figuring out what was going in my carryon to get me thru another long day of travel (namely, chocolate).

Friday: I flew home and DH met me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  It was so great to see him again.  We spent the week texting back and forth – being flirty.  It really made me smile to see him again.  The vacation was fantastic.  I was gone long enough to want to be home again and feel like I had a real block of “me” time.  I may have to do something similar next year, too.

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