Yarn Along 2014: Week 14

Hey look!  A Yarn Along post that’s going up during the day on Wednesday.  Boggles the mind, honestly, doesn’t it?  I got in some weird housekeeping groove earlier today and decided I was entitled to a long break before starting again.

I’m working on the second baby hat.  I almost threw it out because in the course of this tiny bit of knitting there have been FOUR knots.  So I have eight additional ends to weave in now.  Bleh.  And of course it’s 80F here today, which doesn’t scream “hat weather,” but it’s supposed to cool off later this week again.


I finished the book I was reading last week and my turn for MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood come up again, so I was able to start that the other day.  You can also see my very droopy narcissus.  I don’t know how to help that along.

Because it’s so lovely outside today, I started out writing on the patio.  I think writing out there is fine when I’m just typing text.  I couldn’t tell what my pictures looked like, though, because the sun was so bright (I’m working on a laptop) and then the computer was getting quite hot in the sun.  So, I’m back inside with the windows open.  While I was taking my YA picture, I noticed a male cardinal in the trees behind the house.  I tried to get a decent picture of it and might have succeeded if I’d remembered I had the camera on the “food” setting before he flew away.

DSC00956The frogs are being pretty chatty out there, too.  Don’t zoom in on that bird too closely – he’s a blurry mess up close.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, has spring shown up for you yet?


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2 Responses to Yarn Along 2014: Week 14

  1. Spring has sprung here for sure. I love Margaret Atwood and need to read her latest. Thanks for sharing the title. 😉

    • ameyknits says:

      “MaddAddam” is the third book in the quasi trilogy. The first is “Oryx and Crake” and the second is “The Year of the Flood.” At the start of MaddAddam, Atwood gives a brief summary of the other two books since they’re sort of two forks in the road that join up in the third book.
      Sometimes I have to put her books down and read something lighter because they seem less like “science fiction” and more like “science realism.”

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