Moving into spring

I was realizing that our environment is more dynamic here in the southeast than it was in the southwest.  While I liked spring in the southwest (because things were blooming, so there was a little change from the usual brown/sage green tones), it’s not the same as a good spring outside of the desert.

Knowing that the landscape behind the house is going to change over the year, I thought I should take pictures regularly to document that.  Of course, it’s been 3 months since I last did, but I’ll try to be more regular about it now.  I think monthly is often enough.

I posted this about 2 months ago when we had the biggest snow storm of the season.  You can see some of the same places I’ll show you from this week.   The current pictures are from yesterday.  Today it POURED with rain for much of the day, so the creek is much higher now.  I might have a picture of that too, if you’re lucky.

DSC00962 DSC00963 DSC00964 DSC00965I think that might be a dogwood (Cornus florida?), but I’m not positive.  In the third picture, you can see a bit of blue?  That’s a wicker ball with colored fleece in it meant to be used by birds to fancy up their nests.  I don’t know if it’s getting any use, but a girl can dream.

IMG_20140415_173814322This is the creek today.  It can be quite changeable.  It makes me happy to see it out there.

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