Yarn Along 2014: Week 16

Late again.  I used to be much better about this.  I should probably take a picture on Tuesday (I often think of it then) which would allow me to just write on Wednesday.  Maybe that’s a plan for next week.


I am reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell by Susanna Clarke.  I’m listening to Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen.  The print book is dragging for me and I’m hoping it’ll pick up soon.  Otherwise it may join the pile of things left unfinished.  I like the narrator of the audiobook, so that’s moving along better for me.

I managed to get this picture taken today just as the rain was beginning.  I wasn’t expecting rain and it was a pleasant surprise.  Rain still makes me happy – at least as long as I don’t have to do ten thousand errands out of the house.  When it was pouring down rain around Thanksgiving and I needed to go to Costco (warehouse club for bulk buying) and NONE of the drivers sitting in their warm, dry cars would stop for the wet pedestrians with laden carts, well, I liked the rain a little less.  Mostly, though, I wished I had worn a good rain jacket and that other people were considerate.

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