Busy as a bee

Now that we seem to be out of the woods, freeze-wise, we’ve turned the lawn sprinklers back on and are hoping the grass will come back.  It’s not completely gone, but it definitely needs to do some recovering.  Monday was lovely – warm enough to have windows open, but not so warm that certain family members needed the air conditioning on.  I stepped outside at one point and noticed this little web in the grass with the water droplets shining in the sun.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002well, it’s kind of hard to see in these pictures.  Maybe I should’ve tried taking the picture more from an angle?  I’ll try again at some point.

Of course, being in the back yard reminds me of how much I love the creek.  DSC_0003Creekwalking!  In my backyard!

Thing 1 had mentioned that there was a lot of bee activity at one of the bushes in the front yard, so I checked that out, too.  I saw a wasp, a honeybee, and a very methodical bumblebee.  DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0011The wasp and the honeybee went all over the bush.  The bumblebee, though, was conservative with her movements.  None of this “all over the place” business – she went horizontally around the bush, from branch to branch, sticking her head in the little flowers and then left.  Bumblebees are just a marvel of flight mechanics, aren’t they?

Has anything been busy in your yard or garden lately?

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