A little southern surprise

My mom’s best friend lives in South Carolina.  She mentioned she’d be flying down there for a long weekend and I vaguely thought about visiting, but our weekends are frequently filled with sports games and other obligations.  When it turned out that we had almost nothing going on the weekend she’d be there, I sent a message to P (the best friend) to see if she had plans for the whole weekend or if she’d be interested in having some extra guests.  She was happy to have us, so we made plans for the Things and me to drive down Saturday to Sunday and surprise mom.

She was surprised!  We had a short visit, but I know she was happy to see us.  We spent time outside and chit chatted.

On the drive down, I kept seeing these patches of purplish-red in the sea of green.  I pulled over and took a quick picture.  Hopefully someone can tell me what they are.


In the development where P and her husband L live, there is a lagoon.  An alligator lives there.  I wished I had remember to bring a decent camera.  This was taken with my cell phone.  It’s not awful, but I wish I could’ve zoomed in closer.IMG_20140426_152410582

Thing 1 and I climbed the 114 steps to the top of a local lighthouse and checked out the view.  I convinced him to take a picture with me, but I’m choosing not to share it (even though I look cute in my pigtails) since the kid is 13 and needs to have some control over where his image is shared.IMG_20140427_113258698

We also saw a lot of turtles.  Sometimes accompanied by a fish entourage.IMG_20140427_140655058Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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