Yarn Along 2014: Week 18

Late again.  This week has been busy – appointments, phone calls, sports, school activities…. So, Wednesday got away from me.

DSC00991Tonight was Thing 2’s music concert.  I have to give his school credit – they run events like Swiss timepieces.   It started at 7, only included the second and fifth grades, and was done by 7:30.  I saw Thing 2 sing, play his recorder, and play the tumba (as the percussion part while other students sang).  I think it was the tumba – he’s asleep now  and I can’t double check.

I started reading Call the Midwife today.  I’ve been watching the series and quite enjoy it, so I was happy when my turn for the book finally came up at the library.    I’m between audiobooks that I actually want to listen to.

I took a picture of this knitting because I don’t actually know what to knit right now.  It will probably be more blanket squares.  I finished another one last night, and I haven’t sorted out what’s up next.  Today was not a good thinking day for me, and tomorrow might not be either, so finishing up a simple washcloth seemed a good place to go.  I think I want to start a new pair of socks, but I still have those pink socks to finish up (they’ve been ignored for a couple of months – oops), and I have some guilt about starting a different pair.  Maybe I need to get over myself.

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