Breakfast on the patio

I’ve spoken before about how early I get up on “school” mornings to pack Thing 2 off to school.  Thru the winter, I was sending him out the door in the dark.  I realized this week that it’s daylight when he leaves now (at 6:25am), so Thursday I took my breakfast out on the back patio.

scarf, muffin, and chai out backI’m making progress on the scarf and I still like working on it.  It’s about 15″ long now.   That blueberry muffin was part of the massive batch I made before I went to Phoenix for my birthday.  I think we just finished the last bag of them.

I sat out there, listening to my audiobook, and enjoying the cool morning.  And then I fell asleep in the chair.  DH woke me up concerned I might get sunburnt.   The pattern repeated itself on Friday.  Those early mornings are still rough (or maybe it’s the late night paired with the early morning).

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