5KCBWDAY2: Dating Profile

5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile
Write a dating profile for one of your past finished projects.

Hi Hi everyone!  We’re Left and Right and we do EVERYTHING together.  We’re looking for another great pair for fun and a possible LTR.

Our likes:  Sitting on the patio with a vodka and tonic.  Left likes lemon, Right prefers orange.


Hiking in the woods or just strolling thru the fields and stopping to smell the flowers (daisies are our favorites!).DSC01019

A hot bubble bath to relax after a great day outside.  Pair it with a glass of wine and some candles for high marks!DSC01020

We have busy lives, so weeknights generally find us cozied up on the couch watching a movie.DSC01021

We are ISO another great pair!  Are you active?  Do you like traveling (we were born in Germany and spent some time growing up in England.  We then moved to Arizona.  Currently we’re in North Carolina and loving getting back to all the green!)?  Do you give great foot massages?  No smokers, please.   Also, we are totally anti-velcro.

We’d love to hear from you!  Oh, did we mention we are WAY into pole dancing?  We’re working on a new routine.  We’ll have to audition it for you.



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